Career & Counselling Services



Career & Counselling Services (C&CS) supports prospective students right from taking the StudyChoiceCheck and BSc- and MSc students as well as PhD students in the development of personal, study related or career skills. A team of experienced and expert psychologists, central student counsellors and programme choice and careers counsellors are standing by to advise you and help you find the best type of support to suit your needs.
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Career & Counselling Services has a vast array of (mostly free) workshops and personal coaching or counselling options when you want to improve your study skills, need to deal with personal issues, want advice on your choice of programme and or are looking for career support. Examples of what we offer are:
Constructive thinking for fear of failing/perfectionism; Mindful stress relief; Time-management for Masterstudents; Finding a job in the Netherlands; LinkedIn Masterclass and How to pick the right Master course

Anything discussed during our sessions is confidential. If necessary we can refer you to other professionals within or outside the university.



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